Here are a few links that are useful in connection with Scilab.


INRIA's official Scilab pages

Pages Of Scilab Enthusiasts

Free Numerical Libraries


Netlib gathers a lot of free numerical libraries. Due to the nature of the business most of them are written in Fortran-77.


The Guide to Available Mathematical Software. This is the lazy man's entry point to Netlib. If you know your problem then just follow the decision tree until you reach the module that deals with it. Can it get any better than that?


The all time classic of the numerical libraries features linear equation, linear least squares, singular value, and (even generalized) eigenvalue solving in an orthogonal design: 4 precisions (real, double precision, complex, double complex), several matrix storage schemes (rectangular dense, symmetric/hermitian positive definite, banded, tridiagonal, ...).

Optimized BLAS (and sometimes more) Libraries


ATLAS is an acronym for Automatic Tuning of Linear Algebra Software. A novel approach to optimize the BLAS library for an arbitrary computers with deep memory hierarchies and pipelined functional units. In other words for any modern machine.


This is an acronym for Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative. In the course of their research they develop highly optimized BLAS libraries for PPro and later 1ntel processors.

D1G1TAL's Extended Math Library

FIXME: Say something about it!

1ntel's Math Kernel Library (MKL)

This is the one for the poor souls being trapped on the Dark Side. The MKL runs with the software-from-hell (aka Redmond/WA).

I|3M's Essential Scientific Software Library (ESSL)

FIXME: Say something about it!

5UN's Fortran High-Performance Library (PerfLib)

FIXME: Say something about it!

5GI's Scientific Library (SCSL)

FIXME: Say something about it!

Other Free Mathematical Software


An extremely fast arbitrary precision calculator with a library that can be linked with user programs.


Symbolic algebra program which is Map1e alike. It features one of the most comprehensive integration libraries currently available.


Matla|3 compatible matrix package, whose core is written in C and C++; relies on classical Fortran libraries like LAPACK. The Octave libraries can be integrate easily in new user programs.


Tela is the short form for tensor language. FIXME: more description about Tela needed.

Free Plotting Software


Although the prefix is a pure coincidence with the GNU project it is one of the best 2d-plotting programs that are available with source code.


An older, but still excellent program for 2d- and 3d-plots. The "philosophy" is different from GnuPlot as plotting instructions and data share the same file.