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June 2013

What is GSD

GSD is an application aimed at sound design. It is written in C and incorporates a script language. It has no graphic interface, and runs in a terminal. It is developed and tested on Macintosh, but has (once) been successfully installed on windows. It should be easy to install it on Unix or Linux.

GSD is distributed under the GNU Public Licence.

Getting GSD

The latest version of GSD (1.0.8) is available as a compressed tar file. The distribution includes the source code, a small manual (in french), and some examples.

GSD uses a variant of Scheme as its script language. You also need this Scheme interpreter, available as a compressed tar file.

A PDF version of the reference manual is also available (french).

Previous versions of GSD

June 2012 version (1.0.7)
GSD compressed tar file.
Scheme compressed tar file.
reference manual.

Nowhere Bells

The quadriphonic acousmatic work Nowhere Bells has been composed mainly with GSD.

The description (in french) is available here.

The four channels are available as "aif" files, where FR, FL, RR and RL mean "front right", "front left", "rear right" and "rear left" respectively :
Note : each track is about 220Mo (12' at 24b/96kHz). You can import the 4 tracks in a daw, and listen with 4 channels.

Last update : June 24, 2013.
GSD : release 1.0.8
SCH : release 0.20.13
Manual : release 0.04B
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